[Typescript; autobiographical novel; Unpublished] Personnel

"Owen Edwards" [pseud. for Edward Owen Marsh, linguist, author, schoolmaster - translator of Anouilh, Cocteau, Gogol, etc.]
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'Property of: Owen Edwards, 112 Fitzjohns Avenue, London, NW3' [Written before 1956 when Marsh moved from 112 Fitzjohns Avenue to Tanza Road
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Typescript, 242pp., 4to, brown paper wraps, damage to top of spine but no loss, label on front with author ("Owen Edwards") and title. A semi-autobiographical novel based on Marsh's experiences during the Second World War in the London Ambulance Service. Initially a "Notice" "The characters in this book are fictitious. Some of the incidents are naturally based on real happenings during the war but they are none of them wholly accurate[...]". The novel starts with the hero, Lang, joining the Service. Subjects include: the work environment and fellow-workers; routine work on the Station; shifts; London background; women workers (even a "girl driver") ; state of repair of the ambulances; a German colleague; a Welsh colleague; bridge and solo; transporting wounded American soldiers from St Pancras Station; billiards; bedding arrangements (inc. "peephole to the girls' room"); the canteen inc. personnel; a communist; inter-station contests (first-aid etc); "auxiliaries who cracked up in the raids"; incidents during Blitz; practice and lectures; a "biting" lady instructor; hero wrote first aid based doggerel (examples given inc. "The Ballad of the Bones by A. Bonypart", p.99); [...]; "Occurrence Book"; etc., etc. A comprehensive portrait of the ambulance service and its personnel after the Blitz (although Marsh is said to have served during the Blitz.Box 41