Autograph Letter Signed ('Barnes Wallis') from the inventor of the 'bouncing bomb' used in the 'Dambusters' Raid, Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, to [Arthur] Bourne, with press photographs of Wallis and of his'swing-wing' Swallow aircraft, and cutting.

Barnes Wallis [Sir Barnes Neville Wallis] (1887-1979), English scientist and engineer, inventor of the 'bouncing bomb' used in 1943 by the RAF in the 'Dambusters' Raid, Operation Chastise
Publication details: 
Letter on Wallis's letterhead, White Mill House, Effingham, Surrey. 20 September 1975. Press cutting from the Newcastle Herald (New South Wales), 8 August 1969.

The four items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Letter to 'Mr. Bourne': 1p., 8vo. Replying to a letter from Bourne, he states that he will be 'very pleased to serve on the proposed "advisory board", provided that no financial liabiltiy is thereby incurred by me, & that no great amount of travelling is involved.' He concludes with the news that he is 'still busy on a hypersonic transport aircraft especially designed to take "containers".' The two photographs are both in black and white.

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