[Sir John Pollock and the 'Play that was Banned': venereal disease, censorship, War Economy publication.] Material relating to play 'Damaged Goods', including revised typescript and correspondence with bishops and Ministries of Health and Information

Sir John Pollock; Eugène Brieux; Jonathan Cape; Sir Weldon Dalrymple-Champneys; Lawrence Whitaker Harrison; Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, venereal disease; Ministry of Information
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London and the provinces, 1943.

A fascinating and revealing collection of material, touching on questions of censorship and sexual morality in twentieth-century Britain, as well as the problems of publication during the Second World War. From the papers of Sir John Pollock (1872-1963), and relating to the 1943 revival of his 'Damaged Goods', a translation of Eugène Brieux's scandalous play 'Les Avariés'. Written in 1901, Brieux's play concerns the effects of a diagnosis of syphilis on a respectable family, and was met with outrage on its first appearance in Paris in 1902.

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