[Margaret Gillies, Anglo-Scottish painter.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Margaret Gillies') to a son [W. W. Linton] of wood engraver William James Linton, regarding the father's move to America, 'Mr. Horne', 'Mrs. Lewes', and Crockham.

Margaret Gillies (1803-1887), Anglo-Scottish portrait painter and watercolourist whose sitters included Wordsworth and Dickens [William James Linton (1812-1897), Anglo-American wood engraver and radic
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10 September 1872. Crockham [i.e. The Warren, Crockham Hill, Kent].

The recipient of the letter is William Wade Linton (c.1839-1892), son of the wood engraver William James Linton, who in 1867 had separated from his wife the novelist Eliza Lynn Linton (1822-1898), and emigrated to America with three of his children by his first wife's sister, settling at Appledore, Hamden, Connecticut, where he set up a printing-press. 3pp, 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition. The letter begins: 'Dear Mr Linton | My having been very poorly and also having been away from home & full of many absorbing matters must plead my only excuse for having left your note so long unanswered.

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