Memorandums of Agreement and other documents relating to the publication of three novels.

David Benedictus, English author (born 1938) [Anthony Blond Ltd; E. P. Dutton Inc.; publishing agreements]
Publication details: 
1963 to 1971.

The collection is in very good condition, though items are lightly creased and a tad grubby. ITEM ONE: Memorandum of Agreement, 26 February 1963, between Anthony Blond Limited and Benedictus (of 'Winter Lodge, Cookham Dean, Berkshire'), for 'You're a Big Boy now' (published by Blond in 1963). Signed; initialed 'D. H. B.' [David Henry Benedictus] twice. Three pages, folio. Staple attached at head of first leaf of bifolium. Advance of £250 and discussion of royalties and percentages.

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