[Northbrook Society and National Indian Association headquarters.] Printed Copy of 'Agreement with regard to Cromwell House, South Kensington', between 'The Secretary of State in Council of India and the Northbrook Society'.

Northbrook Society and National Indian Association, headquarters, Cromwell House, South Kensington [Sir James Thomson, K.C.S.I., and Abbas Ali Baig, Esquire, C.S.I.
Publication details: 
'Dated 15th October 1914.' [Slug dated '10/1914'.]

6 + [1]pp, folio. Stab stitched. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with punch-hole at inner margin. An official copy, with 'Northbrook Society' at top right of first page. On four leaves, with the details printed on reverse of last leaf for folding into the customary packet: 'Dated 15th October 1914.

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