[Lady de Rothschild [Emma Louisa de Rothschild], wife of Lord de Rothschild [Nathaniel ('Natty') Mayer de Rothschild], 'head of Anglo-Jewry'.] Autograph Letter Signed [to Sir Francis Seymour Haden] regarding his offer to engrave a watercolour of hers

Lady de Rothschild [Emma Louisa de Rothschild] (1844-1935), wife and first cousin of Lord de Rothschild [Nathaniel Mayer de Rothschild] (1840-1915), 'head of Anglo-Jewry' [Sir Francis Seymour Haden]
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1 December [no year, but before the recipient's knighthood in 1894]; Hotel des Princes, Nice.
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5pp, 16mo. On bifolium and with last page cross-written over fourth on reverse of second leaf. In good condition, lightly aged. Monogram letterhead printed in green and gold, with cross-written signature 'Bne Nel. de Rothschild' (i.e. 'Madame la Barone Nathaniel de Rothschild'). The recipient is only named as 'Dear Sir', but the item is from the papers of the surgeon and engraver Sir Francis Seymour Haden (1818-1910, Whistler's brother-in-law), and contains two references to his only daughter as 'Miss Haden'. Lady de Rothschild was 'too highly flattered' by Haden's 'amiable offer of engraving my little view of Amsterdam, not to accept it with pleasure and gratitude', her only wish being 'to make a water colour drawing of it on a larger scale'. Now that this has been achieved she is sending him 'the original sketch', asking him to 'do with it as you please'. She is sorry to have 'seen so little' of him and 'Miss Haden' during their 'very short stay in Paris', and hopes he will fulfil his promise to 'come at Easter'. She wishes he 'could see the glorious sun sets I witness every evening from my Window, over this lonely bay. What splendid engravings you would make'. She proceeds to lament: 'Alas! one carries ones ailings every where and even here I suffer cruelly from neuralgia'.