[Keir Hardie, first parliamentary leader of the Independent Labour Party.] Autograph Card Signed ('J Keir Hardie') to Robert Millar of Belfast, rearranging a meeting as he has to be 'fresh for all contingencies' at the opening of parliament.

Keir Hardie [James Keir Hardie] (1856-1915), first parliamentary leader of the Independent Labour Party, 1906-1908, Scottish trade unionist and politician
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No place or date, but with Cumnock postmark, dated 12 January 1893.
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On one side of post card with printed stamp, addressed on other side to 'Robt Millar | 61 Victoria St | Belfast'. Aged and worn, with crease line close to one edge. Reads: 'Dear Sir, as Parliament opens on the 31st. and as it is imperative that I shd be there, fresh for all contingencies, I could not very well be with you on the 30th. Doubtless however a mutually suitable date can be arranged. A Friday wd suit me best. | faithfully | J Keir Hardie'. On first taking his seat in Parliament five months before, Hardie had caused outrage by refusing to wear the customary dress of black frock coat, black silk top hat and starched wing collar, opting instead for plain tweed suit, red tie and deerstalker.