Autograph Letter Signed to C.H. Ross, of "Ally Sloper" fame.

John Camden Hotten.
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74 & 75 Piccadilly, W., London, 18 July 1871.
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Publisher and author. Two pages, 8vo, laid down on stained paper, sl. chipped with minor loss, text clear. Hotten firmly setsa out the terms on which he will "come to an agreement" with Ross. He numbers his points 1 - 6, but on turning a page he jumps from 3 to 5, omitting 4. Point 1 "You will find literary composition, illustrations, & engraving." Hotten (point 2) will find paper and printing. "[Mr. Simpkins, wholesale bookseller?])(point 3) is to "publish [sic], and receive all monies for me" with "a monthly return of sales, & handing me the cash." Point 5[4], payments for paper, printing and engraving to be made, and the account (repetitive, I think) made up every month, with "profits to be equally divided between us." Finally (point 6[5] costs of paper, etc. to be established beforehand to "prevent disputes".