[ Max Müller, philologist and Orientalist, opponent of Charles Darwin. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('F. Max Müller') to 'Mr Shelley' (i.e. H. C. Shelly) of the Glasgow periodical The Baillie. With inscribed photographic portrait.

Max Müller [ Friedrich Max Müller ] (1823-1900), German-born philologist and Orientalist, based in Britain, opponent of the linguistic theories of Charles Darwin [ Henry Charles Shelly ]
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Autograph Letter on letterhead of 7 Norham Gardens, Oxford. 24 February 1891. Photograph without date or place.
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From the papers of the journalist Henry Charles Shelly (sic), who would appear from the letter to have been connected with the Glasgow periodical The Baillie. ONE: ALS (24 February 1891). 3pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He gives him permission to 'print the enclosed extract in the Modern Church, but not before April 1, as I mean to use it in a lecture in London next month'. He is sending him 'Genelli's Dante Illustrations', and regrets that 'they have been rather badly treated'. He will send him 'a copy of Physical Religion and I need not say how glad I should be if Mr. John Hunter would review it'. He is 'still very tired' and has to 'get through a mountain of arrears' before he an 'settle down again'. Postscript: 'Would you send me six numbers of The Baillie as my friends here like my picture in it.' TWO: Photographic print (18.5 x 14 cm) of a bespectacled white-haired Müller. A head and shoulders shot, with the subject looking calmly to the left, in academic robes with sash over a dress suit with watch chain. Facsimile of Müller's signature below print. Beneath the print at bottom left Müller has written 'In memory of delightful days spent in Glasgow 1889-1892'. Extracted from frame and placed in a 27.5 x 22 cm mount. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn.