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Earl Winterton and the handling of the 1926 General Strike:

Secret Papers from the Civil Commissioner's Office, 1925-1927

In his Taming of the Working Class in America and Britain Ralph H. Desmarais describes how, in the Britain of the 1920s, 'the actual machinery for handling emergencies, known for purposes of disguise as the Supply Department, was inherited intact from the Strike Committee, and was supervised by...

J.H. Driberg, Lecturer in Anthropology at Cambridge University.

[Manuscript; satire; parody] W1, Some Customs and Institutions of the Inhabitants of Mayfair:

W1, Some Customs and Institutions of the Inhabitants of Mayfair:An unpublished 1930s parody of an anthropological study, with satirical force, of London's wealthiest district, by J. H. Driberg, Lecturer in Anthropology at Cambridge University.Unpublished manuscript parody by Jack Herbert Driberg...

Bowyer Nichols [John Bowyer Buchanan Nichols] (1859-1939), English artist and author [his aunt Emily Mary Nichols (nee Ade), wife of Robert Cradock Nichols, son of John Bowyer Nichols]

Eighteen Autograph Letters Signed from artist and poet Bowyer Nichols [John Bowyer Buchanan Nichols] to his aunt Emily Mary Nichols, daughter-in-law of John Bowyer Nichols, with dozens of sketches and caricatures in letters and on 27 pieces of paper.

All items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letters total 33pp., 12mo; and 31pp, 16mo; with nine on 12mo bifoliums, seven on 16mo bifoliums and two on single 16mo leaves. Nine are on Southgate House letterheads, and two on Winchester College letterheads. All are complete except the...

Mary S. Sims (1886-1976), Executive Secretary and Secretary for Cities, the National Board of The Young Women's Christian Associations, New York [Agatha Mary Harrison, Quaker; H. Herbert C. Arthur]

[Mary S. Sims of the YWCA, New York.] 146 Autograph Letters Signed and other correspondence to her English cousin H. Herbert C. Arthur, regarding her work travelling around America as YWCA 'Secretary for Cities', and other matters.

146 Autograph Letters Signed and 4 Typed Letters Signed, 1 Autograph Note Signed, 1917-1928, with 3 Autograph Cards Signed and one Post Office Telegram. Totalling in excess of 500pp. The collection is in good condition, with light aging and wear. All letters in their envelopes. Sims addresses...

Women £1,800.00
Anna Evreinova; Nina Evreinova (Babashnikova); Fedor Babashnikova

[Russian Literary Periodical; Chekhov] Autograph Letters concerning "Severnyi Vestnik" [Northern Herald], publishers of Chekhov etc]

A Collection of Autograph Letters In Russian, and typed descriptions, transcriptions and translations in English which derive from previous owner. They concern a major literary periodical in Russia (Chekhov was a contributor), Severnyi Vestnik (Northern Herald) which was run by Nina Evreinova...

Literature, Women £1,800.00
Herman Wouk (b.1915), American novelist [ Jack Pulman (1925-1979), British screenwriter; Stanley Kallis; Dan Curtis (1927-2006), director; Paramount Pictures ]

[ Herman Wouk and the making of the 'Winds of War' television series. ] Eighteen Typed Letters Signed and three Autograph Letters Signed from Wouk to screenwriter Jack Pulman, with copies of Pulman letters, and other material relating to the project.

From the Jack Pulman papers. Pulman's distinguished career is well described on the British Film Institute's website, which descibes the background to this material, although its author us clearly unaware of the increasing tension between Pulman and Wouk revealed by material in the present...

Literature £1,800.00
Hon. George Elliot [ George Francis Stewart Elliot ] (1822-1901) [ John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (1792-1878), Prime Minister; Sir James Hudson (1810-1885); Sir Henry Elliot (1817-1907) ]

[ 'The Hudson Case'. ] Manuscripts of Elliot's defence of Russell and Sir Henry Elliot in controversy over Italian ambassador Sir James Hudson, including 'unpublished part', letters by Countess Russell and Sir Henry Elliot, annotated pamphlet.

A son of the Earl of Minto, Elliot (hereafter GSE) was Russell's brother-in-law and one of his two executors. The events described in the present collection occurred while GSE was living with Russell, who was then Home Secretary, as his private secretary; and the controversy is over the claim...

The Englishman, Calcutta periodical [Stapleton Cotton (1773-1865), 1st Viscount Combermere, British army officer commanding at the East India Company Siege of Bhurtpoor [Bharatpur], 1826]

[ By Viscount Combermere? ] 39 sheets of Galley proofs of a long article on 'The Siege of Bhurtpoor', from a series titled 'Operations of the Bengal Army in India and on Foreign Service', from the Calcutta periodical 'The Englishman'.

An extraordinarily-detailed account of 'The Siege of Bhurtpoor', from a series titled 'Operations of the Bengal Army in India and on Foreign Service', utilising a wide variety of sources, both published and unpublished, each quotation meticulously cited in footnotes. On 39 sheets, almost all of...

Michael Foot [ Michael Mackintosh Foot ] (1913-2010), leader of the Labour Party, author and journalist [ Jonathan Swift ]

[ Michael Foot, sometime leader of the Labour Party. ] Autograph Manuscript, extensively revised, of an early draft of his book 'The Pen and the Sword: A Year in the Life of Jonathan Swift'.

Heavily influenced by its author's own journalistic career, 'The Pen and the Sword' is not only of great significance in the development of Michael Foot's thinking, but is also an important work in the study of Jonathan Swift. The book was a firm success, going through four printings between...

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis (1821-1903), wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'), sculptor and painter of Louth in Lincolnshire [ The Great Exhibition, 1851 ]

[ Thomas Wilkinson Wallis, wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'). ] Eight autograph items: six journal fragments, including eight pages on the 1851 Great Exhibition; description of his 'Trophies of Spring'; letter to his daughter.

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis was the greatest wood carver of Victorian England. Born in impoverished circumstances in Hull, by 1844 he had established his own business in Louth Lincolnshire, and for the 1851 he submitted seven carvings, 'of which ‘Trophy of Spring’ was awarded a medal. It was his...