[University College, London.] Six printed handbills: four syllabuses or calendars of events, each headed 'Special Arrangements', with another for 'Special Courses in Psychology', and an announcement of a set of 'Public Introductory Lectures'.

[University College, London (University of London)] [T. Gregory Foster; Walter W. Seton; William McDougall; Carveth Reid; Sir William Ramsay; Sir John Macdonell; F. Mackarness; L. M. Brandin]
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Unversity College, London (University of London). The four relating to 'Special Arrangements' dating from 'First Term. Session 1904-1905' to 'First Term. - Session 1905-1906.' The 'Special Courses' for 1904-1905. The 'Lectures' for 1905-1906.
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The six items in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. With stamps, shelfmarks and labels of the Board of Education Reference Library. The four calendars of 'Special Arrangements' are all 1p., foolscap 8vo, and signed in type at the foot by T. Gregory Foster, Principal, and Walter W. Seton, Acting Secretary. They give details of lectures and other information including the 'Reception of new Students by the Principal and the respective Deans' and the 'Last Day for receiving Essays'. The other two documents only carry Foster's signature in type. The 'Special Courses in Psychology' document (for the 'Session 1904-1905') is 1p., 4to, and gives information regarding two courses of lectures, the first, 'A Laboratory Course in Experimental Psychology' by 'W. McDougall, M.A., M.B., M.Sc., late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge', and the second 'A Course of about Ten Lectures, dealing with Special Problems in Psychology, will be delivered by Prof. Carveth Reid, M.A.' The last document, the announcement of 'Public Introductory Lectures' in the 'Faculties of Arts and Laws and of Science, | Session 1905-1906', is made out as a table, giving the 'Day and Hour' of the lecture, 'Lecturer' (Prof. Sir William Ramsay; Prof. L. M. Brandin; Prof. L. W. Lyde; Prof. H. S. Foxwell; Prof. F. Mackarness; Prof. E. A. Gardner; Prof. Sir John Macdonell) and 'Subject'. No copy of any of these items located on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.