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Cecil Woolf [Cecil James Sidney Woolf] (1927-2019), bookseller and publisher, nephew of Leonard and Virginia Woolf [Andrew Block, London bookseller]

[Cecil Woolf, bookseller and publisher, nephew of Leonard and Virginia Woolf.] Autograph Card Signed to bookseller Andrew Block, regarding his offer of ‘two Thomas Moore letters’.

See his obituary in the Guardian, 26 June 2019. The obituary of the recipient Andrew Block (1892-1987) in ‘The Private Library’ was subtitled ‘the doyen of booksellers’; his business was established in 1911. Plain postcard, with his letterhead and the following printed at the foot: ‘WANTED. Any...

£56.00 Woolf
Cecil Beaton [Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton] (1904-1980), photograph, painter and diarist

[Cecil Beaton, photographer, painter and diarist.] Autograph Inscription with Signature: ‘Best wishes from Cecil Beaton’.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The inscription, which is somewhat grubby and discoloured, is on an irregularly-shaped cutting of a piece of card, roughly 4.5 x 7 cm, laid down on 21.5 x 12 cm mount, on which are also laid down an 8.5 x 12 cm newspaper cutting of a photograph of Beaton, and a...

£30.00 Beaton
Ben Weinreb (1912-1999), London bookseller and authority on architecture, first editor of ‘The London Encyclopedia’ [Robert Douwma, printseller; Andrew Block, bookseller]

[Ben Weinreb, London bookseller and editor of ‘The London Encyclopedia’.] Autograph Note Signed [to fellow bookseller Andrew Block] on attractive printed invitation card for the opening of the new ‘Weinreb + Douwma’ print and map shop.

See Nicolas Barker’s appreciative obituary in the Independent, 7 April 1999, which notes that after selling his entire stock to the University of Texas in 1968, ‘He moved his business to the other side of Great Russell Street, and briefly opened another shop, selling prints in partnership with...

£45.00 Weinreb
Clement Shorter [Clement King Shorter] (1857-1926), author and journalist, editor of the Illustrated London News, founder and editor of the Sketch, the Sphere and the Tatler

[Clement Shorter, author and journalist.] Typed Letter Signed, responding to two letters from Manningham Sayers.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 4to. On aged and worn paper; folded four times. Signed ‘Clement Shorter’. The letter is headed with Sayers’ Totnes address. He begins by explaining that the Sphere’s ‘Children’s Supplement’ has been abandoned due to ‘the high cost of paper’. Turning to Sayers...

Arthur Askey [Arthur Bowden Askey] (1900-1982), comedian and entertainer

[‘Before your very eyes!’ Arthur Askey, comedian and entertainer.] Signed Autograph inscription: ‘Yours Big-Heartedly. / Arthur Askey.’

Dating from what his entry in the Oxford DNB describes as Askey’s ‘prime professional days’: ‘In 1938 Askey joined Powis Pinder's Sunshine concert party at Shanklin, Isle of Wight, where he performed successfully for the next eight years. In 1938 the BBC also engaged him for a new radio show...

£45.00 Askey
[‘A Tommy’; Mesopotamia Campaign, British Army, First World War; Iraq; Indian Army; Ottoman Turks]

[The Campaign in Mesopotamia, British Army, First World War.] Duplicated Typescript, apparently contemporary, of satirical poem by British soldier [by ‘A Tommy’] titled ‘Alphabet of Mesopotamia’.

This poem is said to be an earlier work by ‘A Tommy’, the pseudonymous author of the collection ‘If I Goes West’, published in London by Harrap in 1918. WorldCat has no entries to support a second claim: that the present poem was published in 1917, with the subtitle ‘Verses written by a “Tommy”...

Augustine Birrell (1850-1933), author and Liberal Party politician, Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1907-1916 [A. G. L. Rogers, Secretary of the Liberal Publication Department]

[‘If it isn’t done there will be a Row’: Augustine Birrell, author and Liberal Party politician.] Autograph Letter Signed to A. G. L. Rogers, Secretary of the Liberal Publication Department, concerning a pamphlet which they must ‘concoct’ together.

See Birrell’s entry in the Oxford DNB. From the papers of Arthur George Liddon Rogers (1864-1944), son of the editor of the economist Thorold Rogers, and written while Rogers was Secretary of the Liberal Publication Department, a position to which he was appointed in November 1891. 1p, foolscap...

‘Capt. Lahrbush’ [Frederick Lahrbush] (d. 1877), English fraudster, Australian convict, New York confidence-trickster and pretended centenarian

[‘The most barefaced case of pretended centenarianism’: Frederick Lahrbush, confidence-trickster and pretended centenarian.] Signed Autograph Inscription claiming that he was ‘born March 9th. 1766.’

During Lahrbush’s lifetime William John Thoms, in his ‘Human Longevity’ (1873), described his claim to have been born in 1766 as ‘the most barefaced case of pretended centenarianism which has ever come under my notice’. ‘Capt. Lahrbush’, who claimed to have been born in 1766, ended his days in...

£135.00 Lahrbush
Ethel Smyth [Dame Ethel Mary Smyth DBE (1858–1944), composer and a member of the women's suffrage movement]

[Ethel Smyth, composer and suffragist on holiday] Autograph Postcard Signed [Dame?] Ethel Smyth to Maurington Sayers.

Italian Postcard, stamped 26.2.20, addressed to 'Maurington Sayers Esq. | Northgate | Totnes | S Devon | Inghilterra', good condition. Dear Sir | Please accept my best thanks for y[ou]r charming collection of stories & still more generous appreciation of my book [presumably Impressions That...

John Ponsonby [Major-General Sir John Ponsonby KCB CMG DSO (1866 – 1952) British Army officer who commanded 5th Division during World War I.]

[John Ponsonby, sometime Major-General; uncensored from the trenches; First World War] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed John Ponsonby to Cousin Spencer giving the sort of information from and about the Front normally strictly censored.t

Four pages, 12mo, quite closely-written, good condition. A detailed, literate and good-humoured account of his current position at the Front. Text: Perhaps you may like to hear from a 'voice from a dugout' as to what we are up to so I write in hopes that the Censor will perhaps mislay this...

£180.00 Ponsonby
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