[ Victorian teacher-training (at Manchester Grammar School? See notes below) ] Manuscript volume of detailed lesson plans, composed by a teacher or 'pupil teacher' for use in a mixed 'board school'.

Victorian 'Board School' education [ Nineteenth-century teaching ] [ teacher-training by 'pupil teachers' at Manchester Grammar School? ]
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Place not stated (Manchester Grammar School?). Latter entries dated between 18 July 1875 and 30 September 1881.

The following quotation from the British Library places the present item in context: 'The Factory Act of 1833, had imposed a duty on employers to provide half-time education for employees under 13. In practice, the Act was easily ignored. The break-through came in 1870. Elected school boards could levy a local rate to build new schools providing education up to the age of 10. In 1880 the provision of elementary schooling for both sexes was made compulsory, and the age raised to 13. By 1874 5,000 ‘Board Schools’ were running.

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