[Radio Series; corrected typescript ] "Song Writers on Parade" No. IV - Herman Finck

[ Herman Finck, composer and conductor ]
Publication details: 
National Empire, 8 June 1934

Script, titlepage plus 6pp., folio, folded, very good condition. Converstaional interchange between "Announcer" and Herman Finck with background (and foreground) of Finck's songs, starting with "In the Shadows" and with Finck giving the history of the song. Finck "asks" John Rorke to sing 'The Constant Lover@ and teslls a story about the revue, Then comes Rorke singing "Gilbert the Filbert" with Finck narrative, followed by anecdote about soldiers singing one of his songs. Betty Huntley-Wright then sings "To Make a Man of you".

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