[Shahjahanpur in the Indian Mutiny, 1857.] Duplicated Bound Typescript by 'C. L. W.' of Banda, titled 'A Memoir of Shajahanpur'. With large cloth-backed map of 'Shahajahanpur [sic] City'.

'C. L. W.' [Shahjahanpur in the Indian Mutiny, 1857; Ahmadullah Shah (1787-1858), known as Maulavi of Faizabad, a leader of the Indian Rebellion; Sir Colin Campbell [Lord Clyde] (1792-1863)]
Publication details: 
Preface dated from 'Banda [now in Uttar Pradesh, India] October 1925.' Map by 'Photo Litho Department | K. G. O. Bengal S. & M. Roorkee.'; undated, but with '117 - 7-3-36', suggesting it was printed 7 March 1936.

In addition to the usual sources see the paper by Iqbal Husain in 'Proceedings of the Indian History Congress': 'The 1857 Rebellion in Shahjahanpur: Role of the Local Gentry' (1988). The only one other copy of this item traced is in the National Army Museum, whose entry describes it as a 'Stapled Memoir' and makes no mention of the map. [3] + 52 + [2] pp, 4to. Internally in good condition, lightly aged; in good tight binding with 'bloom' to covers (particularly the back) towards the fore-edge. Duplicated Typescript, printed on rectos only.

'The Last King in India': Wajid Ali Shah, tenth and last Nawab of Awadh [Oudh; Oude].] Manuscript Note, in English (by a secretary?), in which the King requests 'Captain Towgood's Company at Breakfast at the Shahmunzil Palace'.

King of Oude [Wajid Ali Shah, tenth and last Nawab of Awadh; Oudh] (1822-1887) [Sir William Sleeman; East India Company; Captain Joseph Towgood, Bengal Light Infantry]
Publication details: 
Lucknow Residency. 15 February 1851.

See his biography by Rosie Llewellyn-Jones, 'The Last King in India' (2014). 1p, 16mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with several horizontal fold lines, two of which have short closed tears. Reads: 'His Majesty the King of Oude requests the pleasure of Captain Towgood's Company at Breakfast at the Shahmunzil Palace at 9 A. M and Dinner at the Baraduree of the Furruh Buksh Palace at ½ past 7 P. M. on Monday next the 17th. Inst.' Postscript: 'The favor of an answer is requested.'

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