[ Sir Frank Stockdale in Palestine. ] Autograph journal of trip to the British Mandate of Palestine and to Transjordan, undertaken on behalf of the British Colonial Office, and giving a mass of information about agriculture and related matters.

Sir Frank Stockdale [ Sir Frank Arthur Stockdale ] (1883-1949), agriculturist and colonial civil servant [ British Mandate of Palestine; Transjordan ]
Publication details: 
[ Colonial Office, Whitehall. ] British Mandate of Palestine, and Transjordan. 18 March to 29 April [ between 1935 and 1937 ].

97pp., 12mo. In good condition, on aged paper, with staples rusted away. In government-supplied 'S.O. Book 136' notebook, with brown card printed cover ('G. R. | Supplied for the Public Service'). Ownership signature on front cover: 'F. A. Stockdale | Colonial Office'. Year not stated, but can be dated from an accompanying leaf of pencil notes (2pp., 12mo), dated 25 April 1935. Written in a close and difficult hand. Ends abruptly, suggesting a subsequent volume.

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