[Parliamentary paper.] Turkey. No. 9 (1877). Protocol relative to the Affairs of Turkey. Signed at London, March 31, 1877.

[Parliamentary paper on the affairs of Turkey, 1877; Münster, Beust, L. D'Harcourt, Derby, L. F. Menabrea, Schouvaloff; Great Britain; Foreign Office]
Publication details: 
'Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty. 1877.' London: Printed by Harrison and Sons.

[2] + 4 + [1] pp., folio. Unstitched and unbound. Originally two bifoliums one inside the other, but the two leaves of the outer bifolium have become detached from one another. On aged and toned high-acidity paper, chipping at edges. Five documents, four of them in the original French with English translations, and the fifth ('Declaration made by the Earl of Derby before the signature of the Protocol') in English. The English titles of the four French originals are: 'Protocol' (by Münster, Beust, L. D'Harcourt, Derby, L. F.

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