[Printed magazine, purportedly written by Mandy Rice-Davies.] After Denning . . . The Mandy Report. At Last - Mandy Rice-Davies tells All!

Mandy Rice-Davies (b.1944), central figure, with Christine Keeler, in the Profumo Affair
Publication details: 
'A True-to-Life book by CONFIDENTIAL PUBLICATIONS LTD. 36/38 Whitefriars St., London, E.C.4.' [1964.]

40pp., 4to. Not paginated. In very good condition. Covers and centre-spread printed in colour on glossy art paper, otherwise in black and white. Profusely illustrated. The third page carries an introdcution by 'Mandy', reading: 'Two questions . . . . . remain unanswered despite the many thousands of words written about the Ward Trial. How do girls like myself move into High Society circles? And just how loose are the morals of certain Top People? | These are the questions I have set out to answer - not in any way to whitewash myself.

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