[ Janina Forbes-Robertson [ Janina Flamm ], artist. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'Jania') to her husband Eric Forbes-Robertson, complaining of poor treatment by his brother the actor Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson and the rest of his family.

Janina ('Jania') Forbes-Robertson [ née Janina Flamm ] (d.1922), Polish artist, wife of the English artist Eric Forbes-Robertson (1865-1935), sister-in-law of Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson
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One from 13 Batoum Gardens, Shepherds Bush [ London ], 'Sunday'. One in French from 79 Netherwood Road, Shepherds Bush, 'Lundi'. Another simply dated '1 November.'

Janine Flamm attended the Académie Julian in Paris with Eric Forbes-Robertson, an associate at Pont-Aven of Gaugin and Robert Bevan, who married her college friend the Polish artist Stanislawa de Karlowska (1876-1952). The couple married on Jersey in 1897, and their son Philippe was born soon after, followed by sisters Ida and Cecilia. None of these three letters is dated, but they must all have been written in the early years of the twentieth century, with Janina miserably placed with her young children in London while her husband pursued his artistic ambitions in the country.

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