[Siege of Nanking and Second Sino-Japanese War.] Typed Memorandum and Manuscript Notes by British diplomat, of meeting between Sir Robert Clive and Japanese Ambassador Yoshida and Ichiro Hatoyama, and meeting with Manchukuo adviser A. H. F. Edwardes

[ Yoshida Shigeru (1878-1967), Japanese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, 1936-8; Sir Robert Henry Clive (1877-1948), British Ambassador to Japan, 1935-7; Ichiro Hatoyama (1883-1959) ]
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Report and minutes both without place and date, but referring to a meeting in London on 22 November 1937.

Despite the fair amount of attention bestowed on the 'Anglo-Japanese Conversation' - the secret negotiations between the British government and the Japanese ambassador at the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War - it is only with the discovery of these two documents that it can be established that the two countries continued with informal negotiations until the fall of Nanking.

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