[ Margaret Forster reviews Germaine Greer's book on the menopause for the Guardian. ] Autograph fair copy of Forster's Guardian review of Greer's 'The Change', with earlier draft, rough notes, and the marked-up review copy.

Margaret Forster (1938-2016), English novelist and biographer
Publication details: 
The book published by Hamish Hamilton, London, 1991. Autograph material undated, but Forster's review appeared in The Guardian, 24 September 1991.

Forster's review (welcoming, but with reservations) was published in the Guardian, 24 September 1991, under the title 'Menopause: mid-life crisis or cause for celebration?', with a subtitle providing a neat summary: 'Is the menopause really, as Germaine Greer argues, “the beginning of the long, gradual change from body into soul”, a woman's reversion to an earlier, happier condition? Margaret Forster assesses her analysis'. The present collection of four items is in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. ONE: Autograph fair copy of Forster's review. 4pp., 8vo. On four leaves.

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