[Printed Spanish Civil War handbill.] Spanish Youth Foodship Committee. (Incorporating Youth Organisations throughout the Country. Please Help Feed the Starving in Spain [...].

The Ealing Youth Group, League of Nation Union; The Challernam Perss, 110, Gauden Road, S.W.4. [Spanish Civil War]
Publication details: 
The Challernam Press, 110, Gauden Road, S.W.4. 'To be collected on Saturday, 24th, April. [1937.]

Printed on one side of an 18.5 x 12.5cm. piece of paper. In fair condition, on aged and creased paper. Reads in full: 'SPANISH YOUTH | FOODSHIP COMMITTEE | (INCORPORATING YOUTH ORGANISATIONS THROUGHOUT | THE COUNTRY) | Please Help Feed the Starving in Spain | The need is | URGENT | YOU| can help with gifts of non- | perishable groceries etc. | (POTATOES, TINNED FOODS, ETC.) | TO BE COLLECTED | on Saturday, 24th, April. | BY MEMBERS OF THE EALING YOUTH GROUP | LEAGUE OF NATIONS UNION | THE CHALLERNAM PRESS, 110, GAUDEN ROAD, S.W.1.' Scarce: no copy on COPAC, and nothing by the Challernam Press.

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