[Christopher Fry edits and contributes to] Seven numbers of 'Springboard | The Barnardo Magazine for Schools'

Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright [Dr. Barnardo's Homes [National Incorporated Association for the Reclamation of Destitute Waif Children], British charity founded in 1866]
Publication details: 
Dr. Barnardo's Homes, Stepney Causeway, E1 [London]. Seven numbers: Vol.1 No.2 (Winter 1935); Vol.1 No.3 (Spring 1936); Vol.1 No.4 (Summer 1936); Vol.1 No.5 (Winter 1936); Vol.1 No.6 (Spring 1937); Vol.3 No.1 (Summer 1939); Vol.3 No.3 (Spring 1940).

Seven volumes, the first three in 4to, the last four small 4to, ranging in length from 32pp to 44pp. Each stapled into coloured printed wraps, the first six carrying a stylised drawing of a boy doing a jump (from a springboard). In fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with rusted staples. Each volume is filled with prose, poetry, illustration and photographs by a number of different contributors, including pieces taken from public school magazines. The only unattributed items are the book reviews, which are clearly the work of Fry himself.

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