[Henriette d'Angeville, mountaineer.] Autograph Letter Signed, in French, thanking Lady Cullum of Hardwick for her support on her climb of Mont Blanc, with 'Bouquet' of dried flowers picked in the Alps. AND important Memorandum detailing the Climb.

Henriette d'Angeville (1794-1871), mountaineer, the second woman to climb Mont Blanc [Lady Ann Cullum (1807-1875), wife of Sir Thomas Gery Cullum (1777-1855) of Hardwick House]
Publication details: 
[Letter] 'Genève ce 18 7bre 1838.' Memorandum] 'Chamonix 5 7bre 1838'.

A. Autograph Letter. The present letter – a very nice artefact of female mountaineering – was written immediately after d'Angeville's first ascent of Mont Blanc in 1838 (she was the second person to climb the mountain, after Maria Paradis thirty years before), and sending a selection of flowers picked on the way to Lady Cullum, who had been present to give her encouragement. D'Angeville would climb Mont Blanc again, in addition to a further twenty-one other peaks in the following twenty-five years. Her last Alpine ascent was on Oldenhorn, at age 65. The letter is 2pp, 4to.

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