[Philip Cecil Crampton, Solicitor-General for Ireland.] Autograph Letter Signed ('P Crampton') to 'Friend Edwards', justifying capital punishment in the context of his sentence of death on Patrick Woods for the murder of Thomas Powell.

Philip Crampton [Philip Cecil Crampton] (1783-1862), Solicitor-General for Ireland, Irish judge, politician, proponent of temperance [capital punishment; Patrick Woods; murder of Thomas Powell, 1841]
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'St. Valeri [i.e. St Valery] | Bray' [Co. Wicklow, Ireland]. 24 August 1841.

A good long letter arguing in favour of capital punishment, and discussing the temperance movement in Ireland. The main subject of the letter is Patrick Woods, who was hanged on 20 November 1841 for the murder of Thomas Powell. Woods was part of a six-man gang which murdered Powell at his house near Newtownhamilton. On behalf of a local landowner, Powell had been overseeing the building of a school on land taken from a number of Catholic families. 4pp, 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn. Folded three times. Sixty-two lines of text.

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