[Allied World War Two Conferences.] Typewritten documents [produced for British Foreign Office use?] summarising eight Allied conferences between 1943 and 1945, including Yalta and Potsdam.

[Second World War Allied Conferences; Yalta; Potsdam; Churchill; Roosevelt; Stalin]
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[British Foreign Office? Circa 1946.]

Eight documents on a total of 35pp, folio. Uniform in layout, on thirty-five loose leaves. In brown-paper folder, with list of contents written in red pencil on the front, under the heading 'APPENDICES'. In good condition, lightly aged, in aged and worn folder. Businesslike summaries of eight conferences by the Allies in the Second World War. The entire absence of editorial comment suggests that these are official documents, perhaps produced for the British Foreign Office. Internal evidence suggests a date around 1946.

18 items relating to the National Union of Agricultural Workers, from the papers of Labour MP Tom Driberg, including speeches, reports, newspaper cuttings, a letter from the NUAW Secretary, on such subjects as tied cottages, German workers, Bradwell.

[National Union of Agricultural Workers, Alfred C. Dann (1893-1953), General Secretary] [Tom Driberg [Thomas Edward Neil Driberg] (1905-1976), Baron Bradwell]
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Most items dating from the period of the National Union of Agricultural Workers conference, 1948.

Having been expelled from the Communist Party in 1941, Driberg joined the Labour Party in 1945; he would be elected to the National Executive throughout 1949-72 and was chairman of the party in 1957-8. The collection is in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with occasional minor rust staining from paperclips. ONE: Autograph Notes by Driberg of 'Bradwell local information'. 12pp., 12mo, on a total of eight leaves of House of Commons notepaper.

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