[ Printed First World War pamphlet on conscription. ] Snowden's Great Speech Against Compulsion. Chains of Slavery upon the Democracy.

[ Philip Snowden (1864-1937), 1st Viscount Snowden; The Labour Leader, London ]
Publication details: 
'Reprinted from The Labour Leader'. [1916]

2pp., 4to. Single leaf of newspaper stock. In fair condition, aged and worn. In small print, three columns to the page. Headline quote: '"The ablest onslaught upon the Bill that has been made in the House." - The Times.' At head of first page: 'Reprinted fr[om THE LABO]UR LEADER.' At foot of second page: 'READ THE LABOUR LEADER FOR ALL ANTI-CONSCRIPTION NEWS. EVERY THURSDAY. ONE PENNY.' Begins: 'In the House of Commons on Wednesday, January 12, Mr.

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