Autograph Letter Signed ('J. R. Clynes') from the Labour Party politician John Robert Clynes to his colleague the future spin-doctor Walton, announcing his appointment by Lloyd George as Minister of Food Control.

J. R. Clynes [John Robert Clynes] (1869-1949), leader of British Labour Party, 1921-2; Home Secretary, 1929-31; Manchester Member of Parliament [Sydney Walton (1882-1964), journalist and publicist]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Ministry of Food, Palace Chambers, Westminster, SW1. 9 July 1918.

2pp., 4to. 20 lines. Good, on lightly-aged paper. At the time of writing Walton is recovering from a serious illness, and Clynes urges him not to 'hurry back at any risk to your health', and to 'take note of some of the advice you have given me not to over-work & break down'. Clynes reports that he has 'just come away from the P. M. [Lloyd George]', and that he has 'agreed to take on the full work [as Minister of Food Control].

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