[ Lincolnshire General Baptist Assembly. ] Manuscript of 'An agreement between several brethren in ye ministry [ Gilbert Boyce, William Thompson and five others ] met together at Bror Thompson's meeting-house in Boston octr. 3 – 1765'.

[Lincolnshire General Baptist Assembly; Gilbert Boyce (1712-1800) of Coningsby; William Thompson (c.1735-1794) of Boston; Joseph Anderson (d.1781) of Gosberton ]
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[ Boston, Lincolnshire General Baptist Assembly. 5 October 1765. ]

Adam Taylor's 'History of the English General Baptists' (1818) deals with the Lincolnshire Assembly, Boyce, Thompson and Anderson, but makes no mention of the present meeting, although it does note that at the time 'the internal concerns' of the Lincolnshire Assembly 'were still disorganized: they had no officers, and proper discipline had long been neglected'. According to Taylor, 'this society resolved upon reviving discipline', and on 27 August 1765 'entered some reflections, and regulations for the prosecution of their object, on their records'.

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