[UK Foreign Office Information Research Department and Soviet bacteriological warfare propaganda.] Confidential printed information paper for 'Her Majesty's Missions and information Officers', titled 'The Communist Germ Warfare Campaign'.

Information Research Department, Foreign Office; Sir John Peck (1913-1995); Cold War; germ warfare; bacteriological warfare; Soviet propaganda; Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)]
Publication details: 
Information Research Department, Foreign Office [Whitehall, London]. Dated at end 'June 1952.'

In Sir John Peck's obituary in the Independent, 20 January 1995, the diplomat Michael Cullis (1914-2004) states that in the early 1950s (when the present document was produced), Peck was 'instrumental in organising and intensifying official efforts to counter Soviet propaganda and disinformation in the initial stages of the Cold War.

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