[Quaker pocket book, with manuscript diary] [No. 5.] The Annual Monitor and Memorandum Book. Arranged upon the improved Plan, for the Year 1817.

[The Society of Friends; Quakers; York]
Quaker pocket book, with manuscript diary
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1817. York: Printed for W. Alexander: sold also by N. M. and E. Webb, Bristol: Darton, Harvey, and Co; William Phillips; and W. Darton, Jun. London. [Printed by Thomas Wilson and Sons, High-Ousegate, York.]
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12mo, 144 pp. In original grey printed wraps. On stained, aged paper, the staining causing loss to the manuscript portions of the book. The first 36 and last 30 pp contain printed matter including poems, essays and obituaries of Quakers. The central 78 pp contain the diary, memorandums and cash book, which carry numerous entries in a neat, tight hand. The diary is written by a woman, and details day-to-day activities.. The author travels from Darlington to Islington. Clues include references to a brother Samuel and sister Rachel and to 'cousins' Benjamin Atkinson, William Wilson, Nancy and Rachel Foster and James and Sophia Lloyd. The cash book lists items, with cost, from 'Blackdrop' [opiate] to silk shawls. The twelve pages of 'Memorandums', contain longer entries, and give some clues regarding the author, who is twenty-two years old at the time of writing, and describes a trip from Kendal to 'visit my relations in the north'.