Autograph Letter Signed ('C. Cohen') to Walters.

Chapman Cohen (1868-1954), Editor of 'The Freethinker' [John Cuming Walters (1863-1933), Editor, Manchester City News]
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2 May 1919; on letterhead of 'The Freethinker'.
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4to, 2 pp. Good, on lightly-aged and worn paper. Thirty-seven lines of text. He finds himself 'very much in accord' with the views expressed by Walters in his address on 'The New Religion'. His 'chief difference' is 'a dislike to the use of the word "Religion." It has, to me, associations that are certain to rob it of all good.' As a 'working term', in Cohen's view, it lacks 'satisfactory power'. 'However, the great thing seems to me to keep churches & individuals on the move. Some good then is certain to result.' He considers 'human instincts & tendencies to be fundamentally sound, despite certain unpleasing occurrences with both individuals & mores'. The second page discusses the newspaper world, about which Cohen admits he knows little. He concludes 'One of my dreams has been to run a real weekly news-paper [word 'news' underlined], one that should give a fair hearing to all sides, & give quite <?> news. That, therefore, is likely to remain a dream.'