Autograph Letter Signed by Nachez to 'Miss Elsie [Cartwright]'; with part of Norwegian hotel register, containing Lord Randolph Churchill's signature.

Tivadar Nachez (1859-1930), Hungarian violinist, composer, and pupil of Joachim; Lord Randolph Churchill
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Nachez's letter: 15 August 1889; 80 King's Road, Chelsea, on letterhead of 10 Little Stanhope Street, Mayfair. Hotel register with dates from 1886.
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Nachez's letter: 12mo, 3 pp. Good, on aged and lightly-ruckled paper. He is keeping his promise and sending the 'autograph of Lord Randolph Churchill, which I found in Norway during my last journey to the midnight sun'. He explains that 'Lord Randolph must have signed his name by his own hand into the Strangers list', because of the 'different handwriting of his private secretary Mr. Wm. Trafford'. 'The slip of paper is out of a book at the Hotel in Trondjhem.' The slip from the hotel register is roughly 8 x 27 cm, with six signatures on each side, including those of 'Dow. Lady Galway' and 'Lord Randolph S Churchill', both from London on 6 July 1887, with their room numbers. Beneath Churchill's signature is that of 'Wm. Trafford.'