Offprint of paper by Ellis and Aston entitled 'The Absolute Intensities and Internal Conversion Coefficients of the [gamma]-Rays of Radium B and Radium C.

C.D. Ellis [Charles Drummond Ellis (1895-1980), FRS, nuclear physicist; G. H. Aston
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From the 'Proceedings of the Royal Society', A, vol.129, 1930, pp.180-207. Harrison and Sons, Ltd., Printers, St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.2.
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8vo: 28 pp. Four figures and two tables. Lightly aged, but good. In original green printed wraps. Two punch holes in inner margin. 'With the compliments of the authors' by Aston on front wrap. Ellis was co-author, with Rutherford and Chadwick, of 'Radiations from Radioactive Substances' (CUP, 1930), a work said by A. R. Mackintosh ('The Third Man: Charles Drummond Ellis, 1895-1980', Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, July, 1995) to have been 'often referred to as the "Bible" of nuclear physics', with Ellis's contribution to the work placing him 'third among equals'. Mackintosh argues that Ellis's 'achievements were very great', and that he was 'among the most accomplished and important experimental physicists of the century'. He is said by Nobel-Prize-winner Sir Nevill F. Mott to have 'practically discovered the neutrino'. For further details see his entry in the New DNB.