Anonymous handbill printed poem satirising Gladstone, entitled 'The Grand Old Gambler's Last Card.'

[William Ewart Gladstone; Home Rule in Ireland; English political satire]
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Date, place and printer not stated. [circa 1886]
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Printed on one side of a piece of laid paper roughly 21 x 13.5 cm. Good, on aged and lightly-creased and spotted paper. Eighteen line poem in heroic couplets, turning on the conceit of a game of cards. Begins 'OFT have I shuffled, often played the Knave, | In vain attempts a losing game to save;'. Ends ' 'Stop!' cried John Bull, with honest anger choking; | 'Turn out that fellow Gladstone - he's revoking!' ' References to Egypt and Home Rule date this item to the mid eighteen-eighties. The narrator mentions his 'partner Joseph's Aston Roughs' and declares 'I'm half prepared my Queen to sacrifice'. No copy on COPAC ((BL inc.) or WorldCat.