Coloured map entitled 'England and Wales with the Roads, from the latest Survey's.'

Thomas Kitchin (1718-1784), English mapmaker
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Engrav'd for Guthrie's new Geographical Grammar.' 'Thos. Kitchin Sculp.' [c.1770]
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Approximate dimensions 37 x 35 cm. Cloth backed and divided into twelve rectangles of 12 x 8.5 cm each, arranged in three rows of four. The folded map fits into a contemporary pouch, crudely made for the purpose from card and marbled paper, with a signed label on the front reading 'A Map of England with the Roads | C. H. Patesson <?>'. On aged paper and with the edges of the rectangles curling slightly, in worn pouch. Scale roughly forty miles to an inch and three eighths. Shows cities, boroughs, market towns, villages and roads. The counties are numbered with reference to a list in the top left-hand corner, with their outlines on the map coloured in red, yellow and green. Shows the Irish Sea, the Bristol and English Channels, and the North Sea, whcih is called the British Ocean. Also the east coast of Ireland and the area of France adjoining the Straits of Dover. Engraved title cartouche of sheep, casks and bales on the shore in the foreground, with three ships in a bay in the background. Small finely engraved compass rose.