Autograph Letter Signed ('H. N. B.') to 'My Dear N. M.'

H. N. Brailsford [Henry Noel Brailsford] (1873-1958), English radical journalist and author [Independent Labour Party; Sir Muirhead Bone; Archibald Hamilton Charteris]
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Friday'; date and place not stated [circa 1919?].
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12mo, 4 pp. Good. A long, interesting gossipy letter. He is a 'poor weak devil' whose 'confounded laziness' has prevented him from writing. He has 'been to Thomlinson', and all copies of 'No. 14' are sold out, 'so there's a feather in your cap, my man'. Mention of 'Charteris', 'Ball & Boyd Scott'. 'I'm damned if I know where my lecture notes are - I've just hunted all over my room. I think they must be in Newcastle, or is it not possible that I lent them to you?' Discusses his 'articles in the Record'. 'Dan' has asked him 'for four articles on my own experiences in the war, the first to be down at the Office by 12 prompt'. He has 'had Bone [James Bone (1872-1962), a fellow-journalist with Brailsford at the Manchester Guardian] & then Menzies in', but nevertheless 'managed it to the minute, but ye gods I was sick when I saw it in print. Yesterday's was better for I was studiedly simple - even Menzies liked it.' The third is 'darn smart & offensive'. 'Bone [James Bone's brother Sir Muirhead Bone] is forging ahead gloriously. I have been to see him in his studio. He has just finished a magnum opus - a sea piece by twilight. I sat & worshipped.' 'Charteris [Archibald Hamilton Charteris (1874-1940), later Professor of International Law at Sydney University] is to all appearances very brave & cheerful. He talks just as usual with all the old wit & lightheartedness. But he looks ill & pasty & unwholesome. he's going down to London next week to negociate about an appointment in Egypt. | Menzies is superb - grave & sane & tolerant. I can hardly understand what has happened. He can see the other side of every question now, - is twice as sane & just as able as ever. I have seen a lot of him - we are quite good friends again.' Recounts 'two good MZisms'. 'Dick is flourishing - yellow waist-coat, black coat, blue tie, striped flannel trousers, straw hat. Hhe is going to London next spring. He has 3 introductions to men on the Times. He expects to be made dramatic critic & superintendt of the literary department.' He is 'trying to brace [himself] up' to write a novel and is pleased 'with the little that I have written'. Reference to 'Mrs Adamson', who says she is 'desolate' with 'Robert' away: 'She thinks Mr. Scott a very interesting fellow. She also would have gone to Greece if she had been a man. Many people would.'