Autograph Letter Signed to Dawson Turner from his daughter Elizabeth ('E. Palgrave').

Elizabeth Palgrave (nee Turner, 1799-1852), wife of Sir Francis Palgrave (1788-1861) [Dawson Turner]
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[Docketed by Turner 'Hampstead 21st June 1848.']
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One page, octavo. Good, on aged paper with some loss to extremities repaired with archival tape. Fifteen lines of text clear and complete. On learning of Dawson Turner's celebrated collection of autographs from her son, Elizabeth Palgrave's 'kind old neighbour' Lady Bentham asked her 'some questions which led to the enclosed note & the letters I send' (none present). 'You will see what she proposes in the note which accompanies the autographs: I think in itself, at 86 or 87, & blind of one eye, her own is a remarkable note: one which my dear mother will like to see.' Asks if Turner would like her to forward a note to Lady Bentham. She has 'many thoughts' conerning her 'dear Inglis' (her son the economist Sir Inglis Palgrave, 1827-1919), from whom she hopes to hear the following day. She thanks her father for all his 'true kindness to him, & to me in him and in much else'. Asks Turner to give 'the enclosed' (not present) to 'Maria'. Addressed to Turner at Yarmouth, with four postmarks, all in black ink: one reading 'T. P. | S. O. Hampstead', and three circular, two of which are dated and stamped 'YARMOUTH . NORFK.' The fourth contains a crown and the date.