Handbill entitled 'Warning to Her Majesty's Ministers. Lord Eldon's predictions in 1829, on the third reading of the Roman Catholic Relief Bill.'

Lord Eldon [The Roman Catholic Relief Bill, 1829; Anti-Catholic]
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On both sides of a piece of paper roughly eight and a half inches by five and a half. Both sides of text enclosed within decorative border. A scare survival, in poor condition, worn and spotted with frayed edges and several closed tears. Text clearly legible. Headed 'FOR GRATUITOUS DISTRIBUTION.' Thirty-nine lines of text on reverse. Begins 'The following predictions of this venerable pillar of Church and State were at the time sneered at, as the senile and effete expressions of a bigoted octogenarian. What a lesson has he left to those who now hold the rudder of the State in their hands'. The anti-papist tone of the speech is summed up in the sentence 'No sincere Roman Catholic could or did look for less than a Roman Catholic King and a Roman Catholic Parliament.'