Autograph Letter Signed ""Coblence" to John Bellows, Printer and publisher (of a pocket French Dictionary), Gloucester.

Victor Coblence
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Paris, 19 Rue des Missions, le 11 Juin 1877. En francais.
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Printer ("electrotype"). Four pages, 8vo, a few letters masked by a strip of brown paper on the last page, mainly good condition. A stamp (timbre) is stuck top left of page 1, with the image of an electrotype machine surrounded by the name "Victor Coblence" and the word "electrotypie". The contents of the letter indicate a close business relationship and contain many technical (printing) terms. In the first paragraph he discusses Sutton & Co and "la caisse renfermant la forme [a?] la cliche". He is settled in Bellows "atelier", commenting on his "cliches" which are "aussi bon que ceux que je vous fournis." A trip to Gloucester will be necessary to fulfil Bellows wishes, menting "acquisition" for the atelier. He continues: "Vous savez sans doute que le grand etablissement typographique de MM. Firmin Didot est a plusieurs milles de Paris. Ces messieurs m'ont demande de leur montrer en atelier d'electrotypie dans leur propriete du Mesnil." He sent to London for some tools ("outils"), discusses his pupils (eleves) who have gone to "Mesnil a leur superbe atelier d'electrotypie", He asks if Bellows has a correspondent "qui {?] prendre des renseignements [de?] MM. Firmin Didot". The cost; a presentation to Firmin Didot, his invention, study with Bradbury, use of electrotype in the new edition of the "Dictionnaire de l'.Academie" from Firmin Didot, proofs, "magnifique edition", the price of four pages he sends to him. A fluent French speaker would do greater justice to what appears to be an exceptionally interesting letter.