Five black and white photographs of a glass goblet ornately etched by Whistler for Mark Bonham Carter.

Laurence Whistler
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Without date or place, but 1946-7.
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Dimensions six inches by eight. Four of the photographs very good, the other good, but with staining in one corner (capable of professional cleaning). Good, clear, professional images against a black background. The goblet was commissioned by Bonham Carter from Whistler as a wedding present to the present queen of England on her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh. The body is etched with intricate images and the words 'Elizabeth | so be it ever, joy and peace. | And mutual love give you increase, | That your posterity may grow | In fame, as long as seas do flow. | The words of Thomas Campion, on the Marriage of PRINCESS ELIZABETH 1613'. On the base: 'The Twentieth of November 1947 | from Mark Bonham Carter'. The latter's address onj the front of the envelope partly obscures previous addressees, including Laurence Whistler himself. Perhaps Whistler recycled.