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Edward L. Stone (inscription).
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Collector (see Cannon, "American Book Collectors" (1941), pp.198-9, referring to Stone's typographical collection which went to the Alderman Library, University of Virginia in 1938, after his death). Printed Pamphlet, 8pp., 8vo, rust around staples, mainly good. INSCRIBED by Stone: "Book Label / Never used. / Too all inclusive / or seemingly egotistical. / ELS." ENCLOSED (loose): Bookplate "Ex Libris Edward L. Stone", with complicated drawing and border very slightly affected by rust. In the pamphlet, title/front page; verso blank; the artist, Sexton Wilkerson, discusses the bookplate, conception, content, etc (page [3]); a reproduction of the bookplate in question (page [4]); Artist's Description (from corner pieces to oval border), pp.[5-6]; blank pp.[7-8]. Note: Wilkerson illustrated an edition of Poe's Raven published by Stone in 1909 (Stone Printing & Manufacturing Co. Roanoke, VA).