[Wilhelm, the last Crown Prince of the German Empire.] Two black and white prints of photographs: one a portrait of him, the other a view of Hechingen Castle; each with Typed Note Signed by him on the reverse.

Wilhelm, the last Crown Prince of the German Empire [Crown Prince of Prussia; Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst] (1882-1951), son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, great-grandson of Queen Victoria
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The portrait dated from 'Hechingen, Zezember [sic] 1949'. The other photograph without date or
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Both in black and white, and in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Half-length portrait. 10 x 14 cm. A Seated Wilhelm, grey-haired and tight-lipped, with hands joined in front of him, wearing suit and tie and light-grey tweed jacket. On reverse, a typed note addressed to 'Mr. James Dandy / England.', and dated from 'Hechingen, Zezember 1949': 'Herzlichen Dank für Ihr liebes Paket, es hat mich sehr gefreut. / Beste Wünsche u. Grüse'. TWO: View of Hechingen Castle. 8.5 x 13 cm. Typed message on reverse, also signed by him: ‘Herzlichen Dank für das freundliche Gedenken zu Weihnachten. Die guten Wünsche zum Neuen Jahre erwidere ich aufrichtig.’ With envelope with German stamps and postmark, and typed address to 'James Dandy, Esq., / Brook Lane / Rixton/New Warrington / England'. See Image.