[Wilhelm, last Crown Prince of the German Empire.] Three black and white photographic prints: two portraits, one of them signed by him, both taken in his final year, and view of Hechingen Castle, with Typed Note Signed from another party on reverse.

Wilhelm, last Crown Prince of the German Empire [Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst, Crown Prince of Prussia] (1882-1951), son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, great-grandson of Queen Victoria
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One from 1950 and two from 1951, one of the latter from Hechingen.
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All three in black and white. The first and third item lightly aged and creased; the first stained on reverse; the second item lightly aged. ONE: Half-length portrait. 8 x 12.5 cm. Stamped on reverse ‘4 JAN 1950’. A Seated Wilhelm, grey-haired and tight-lipped, with hands joined in front of him, wearing suit and tie and light-grey tweed jacket. TWO: Half-length portrait, apparently from the same shoot as One, with autograph signature. 8 x 11 cm. Written on reverse: ‘HECKINGEN. / SEP. 7. 1951’. Same outfit as One, but with cigarette in right hand. Inscribed around the head: ‘James Dandy / Crownprince Wilhelm’. THREE: View of Hechingen Castle. 8.5 x 13 cm. Typed message on reverse, dated ‘Hechingen. / im Mai 1951.’, ‘Herzlichen Dank für das treue Gedenken und die guten Wünsche zu meinem Geburtstag.’ Although Wilhelm’s birthday was indeed in May, the signature to this note is not his. A fourth item (in good condition, lightly aged) is a card with a printed new year’s message from ‘Stuttgart-Frauenkopf, January 1954’. An autograph note in English, with the same signature as Item Three, reads: ‘With kind thoughts and thanking you for the bulbs’.