[Christopher Hely Hutchinson, Irish lawyer, politician and soldier.] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed to Sir [unidentified - an editor?] introducing the Irish author, Thomas Colley Grattan. And his gifts and ambitions..

Christopher Hely Hutchinson (1767–1826) Irish lawyer, politician and soldier.
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Paris, 7 October 1821.
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Three pages, 4to, bifolium, good condition+. An elegant handwriting. Allow me to present yo you Mr Grattan my country man - the author of Philibert, a gentleman and a scholar. He has resided some time in France, and is going to London, perhaps more to ascertain what he can do there thro' the medium of his literary invocations for the benefit of his Wife and young Family, than with any fixed object or well arranged plan. Should he happen to be in London during the Session of Parliament, Mr Grattan may probably wish to offer himself to you as a reporter for which situation, from his information and habits, I should suppose him to be well qualified, and should he make any such application, will you have the kindness to recollect this letter. | I am quite aware how rarely it can happen to find you without a long list of applicants for a connexion with your highly popular and valuable Establishment, and I know also the praise-worthy anxiety with which you so liberally protect, and give the preference to your old acquaintance - your faithful and talented assistant, but yet with this knowledge, as there must be occasional vacancies and changes in all such extensive concerns, I give Mr Grattan this introduction which, from your polite and friendly attention to me at all times I venture to hope will dispose you to receive kindly his visit, tho' it should not at once procure for him that connexion with you he would naturally be so desirous to establish should he happen to determine upon residing in London. [...]. Note: a. [Wikipedia] Grattan (1792 – 1864) was an Irish novelist, poet, historian and diplomat. It was here [Bordeaux] that he started as a writer, beginning with Philibert [1819], an octo-syllabic poem in six cantos. Soon after he moved to Paris, where he made met Thomas Moore, Washington Irving, Adolphe Thiers, Béranger, Lamartine, and other distinguished literary men, and became a steady contributor to the Westminster Review, Edinburgh Review, the New Monthly Magazine, and other periodicals.; b. a very substantial obituary appeared in the New Monthly Magazine (1826), pp.517-520, for what it's worth.