[Charles A. Buckler, architect] Substantial Autograph Letter Signed Charles A. Buckler to Frederick [Watson] on a design for the Bassingham Doorway (oak doors, etc.). See Note below.

Charles A. Buckler [Charles Alban Buckler (1825–1905), author, topographer, architect, artist and officer of arms].
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Oxford, 9 Sept. 1857. Two Letters.
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Four pages, 12mo, bifolium. I am delighted to hear from you that the Bassingham Doorway is to be preserved - | I lose no time in sending a design for the oak doors - I think plainly moulded framing & ridged panels will best suit the age - It looks plain in outline - but if of handsome English oak, will look beautiful in execution. | I had not a single dimension of width or height to guide me - It is hardly fair to set to work without them - but in the hands of a good joiner [...] - These square panels [...] are now in keeping with the style of domestic work of this period than cusps & tracery. [...] | We are only just come home - My Father [see below] is at present at Lincoln - & not likely to be home for spome days.| I hope you are quite well & very busy: & shall be glad if the inclosed should be put in practice - | I trust the propositins are not egregiously inaccurate. With most kind regards to Mrs. Watson [...] ENCLOSED: Autograph Letter Signed J.C. Buckler, architect, father of Charles, working with him, perhaps also to Frederick Watson, 2pp., 16mo, closely written, good condition. I am much obliged to you for the enclosure, & with regard to the other part of your letter referring to the spandules, the [?] of the arch must remain blank [underlined]. I did not look upon it as a defect when I preapred the design, & do not now think that it [will?] be regarded asa [?]. When I have time I will design the corbel. | I shall be obliged to you if you will look in the Norwich papers for remarks upon the Cathedral, & the ruins I have taken pains to save. Some notice of these subjects has already been taken, but it is now too late to enquire after them. If when you have done with the paperwork, some of these days may touch upon these antiquities, & w[oul]d send it to me, I'd be obliged. Nobody else is likely to take the trouble to make the information known to me. Notes: a. The Bassingham gate, is now located since 1857 on the South side of this medieval Guildhall [Norwich]. The Door was previously located on house at London Street, Norwich; b. See article online Getting into a Scrape: The Buckler Dynasty, Lincoln Cathedral and Mid-Victorian Architectural Politics.The Bassingham gate - Portal at 57-59 London Street was removed for widening in 1857. The Door & Portal was bought by William Wilde for twelve pounds.It is deeply misleading. Arnold Kent writing in 1949 noted that the arms of Henry VII above those of the Goldsmiths Company and the City of Norwich could no longer be made out. They have been crudely recut - presumably after 1949. Text Source: (visit link)There is a blue plaque located to the left of the door that reads:-FORMERLY THE ENTRANCE TO THE HOUSE/IN LONDON STREET OF JOHN BASSINGHAM/GOLDSMITH DURING THE REIGN OF HENRY VIII. / IT WAS ERECTED HERE IN 1857.