[Samuel Pepys, diarist.] Two albums containing a collection of more than 500 cuttings on Pepys from English newspapers, begun by W. H. Whitear, completed by Edwin Chappell, with a few by David Dale, with collection of 57 lantern slides for lecture.

Samuel Pepys, diarist; Edwin Chappell (1883-1938), Pepys scholar and maritime historian, lecturer at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich; Walter H. Whitear (c.1853-1932); David Dale; Royal Navy
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Two volumes containing cuttings from Fleet Street and provincial newspapers, dating from between 1906 and 1939. Lantern slides undated, but collection includes advertisement for lecture in 1938.
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Three items, including two substantial albums containing in excess of 500 newspaper cuttings. The first album was commenced in 1906 by Pepys scholar Walter Henry Whitear, and completed by Chappell after Whitear's death in 1932, the last cuttings in it dating from the following year. The second album is Chappell's, and the greater part of it contains cuttings from February and March 1933, relating to the Pepys Tercentenary; the last few pages of the album contain cuttings postdating Chappell's death, possibly assembled by David Dale, an advertisement for whose 'Public Lantern Lecture' on Pepys is also present. The third item is a collection of 57 lantern slide relating to Pepys - presumably those used by Dale - housed in a wooden box. The three items are in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Substantial 4to volume of English newspaper cuttings relating to Pepys, with bookplate of Walter H. Whitear, FRHS, beneath which is pasted a newspaper cutting of an unsourced death notice of him. The cuttings are laid down on the 119 pages of a handsome album, in red half binding with leather corners and spine and cloth boards. In good condition, lightly aged, with slight damage to two final leaves, in lightly-worn binding. With thumb index completed in manuscript. The cuttings date from between 1906 and 1933, and from the handwriting it would appear that Chappell acquired the volume from Whitear's estate, at which point it had been filled to p.49 (which carries a proof of a letter from Whitear to Notes and Queries, 20 July 1929), and completed it. Whitear's cuttings derive from the major Fleet Street papers: Evening News, Times, Times Literary Supplement, Telegraph, Morning Post, Daily Mail, Sunday Times, John O'London's Weekly, Daily Chronicle, T.P.'s Weekly, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, Daily Sketch. Chappell ranges further afield, including occasional cuttings from provincial papers. TWO: Substantial folio volume of English newspaper cuttings relating to Pepys, dating from between February 1933 to January 1939. The cuttings - from Fleet Street and provincial papers - are laid down on the 103 pages of a brown cloth album, with white (fake?) watered silk endpapers. Preceded by thumb index, left blank. The volume is Chappell's, with a few cuttings accompanied by captions in his hand; the last few pages are completed after his death by another party (presumably David Dale, see below), who has left critical annotations in the margins around a review by Sir John Squire of Arthur Bryant's 'Saviour of the Navy' in the Illustrated London News, 3 December 1938. The first 61pp of the volume carry cuttings - each with a press agency slip giving the source and date - dated between February and March 1933, and dealing with the Pepys Tercentenary. Not all the cuttings that follow have press agency slips, but all are identified. The volume also has, tipped-in, a nicely-printed programme (4pp, 4to) of a Royal Society soiree, Burlington House, 15 March 1933, in celebration of 'Joseph Priestley Bicentenary | Samuel Pepys Tercentenary', and also a January 1939 programme of the Rotary Club of Hornsey, as well as the handbill advertising David Dale's 'Public Lantern Lecture', described below. THREE: 57 glass lantern slides of images relating to Pepys, each slide 8 x 8 cm. Housed in a dovetailed wooden box with lid, hinged and with clasps, 10.5 x 34.5 x 10.5 cm. The box is divided into fifty narrow compartments, with printed numeration and blank label. In order to accommodate the excess, seven of the compartments contain two slides. The slides are in good condition, and the box in good condition, despite minor scuffing and wear. Presumably the slides are those used in the 'Public Lantern Lecture on Samuel Pepys by Donald Dale to be given at The Mill Hill Library on Wednesday, December 7th, 1939', under the auspices of the Mill Hill Historical Society, a handbill for which is laid down at the end of Item Two above. The slides include images of people associated with Pepys as well as Pepys himself, London, etc.