[John Anderson, 1st Viscount Waverley, Churchill's 'Home Front Prime Minister' after whom Anderson Shelters are named.] Typed Letter Signed as Home Secretary to Sir James Marchant on 'the Government's plans for a war time regional organisation'.

John Anderson, 1st Viscount Waverley (1882-1958), civil servant and politician, 'Home Front Prime Minister' in Churchill's war cabinet [Sir James Marchant (1867-1956), eugenicist and social reformer]
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On letterhead of the Home Office, Whitehall, S.W.1. [London] 14 February 1939.
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Anderson served as Home Secretary, Lord President of the Council and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Marchant headed the National Vigilance Association and the National Council of Public Morals. 2pp, 4to. On two leaves stapled together. In fair condition, lightly aged, with some staining from rusted staples. Folded three times. A good letter, giving an indication of civil defence preparations on the eve of the Second World War. Writing as Home Secretary in Chamberlain's Conservative government, Anderson begins by thanking Marchant for sending a copy of his 'recent article in the “Bournemouth Daily Echo”', and to thank him for the offer of help, 'which had already been conveyed to me by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary of State for Air'. He discusses 'the Government's plans for a war time regional organisation', explaining the measures which will be taken 'apart from the strengthening of the regional staff of the A.R.P. Department in order to expedite the progress of local authorities' peace time schemes'. He ends by expressing his agreement with Marchant's hope that the 'measures of civil defence', will not only serve their purpose, but will also build up 'a clearer and more urgent sense of national unity'.