[George Combe, Scottish phrenologist and lawyer.] Autograph Document describing 'The Police Establishment of Edinburgh', including information on the 'Watching', 'cleaning' and 'Lighting' departments, written out by him for Arthur West of Bath.

George Combe (1788-1858), Scottish phrenologist and lawyer, founder of the Edinburgh Phrenological Society [Alfred West of Beechen Cliff, Bath; policing in Scotland]
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Bath. 11 April 1835.
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1p, 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with minor traces of glue from mount at head of reverse of second leaf, which is addressed, with broken seal in red wax, to 'Arthur West Esq | Beeching [i.e. modern-day 'Beechen'] Cliff | Bath.' The page is headed: 'The Police Establishment of Edinburgh consists of,' and the text is neatly written out in two columns. The first is headed 'In the Watching department', and contains twelve entries from '1 Superintendent' to '2 Female [Turnkeys]', including '30 Night Patrole men' and '166 night watchmen'. The second column is headed 'In the cleaning department', and consists of four entries from 1 Head overseer' to '5 depot keepers', with '96 Scavengers'. Beneath this are given details 'In the Lighting department', beginning 'Paid for gas Light – 1 year - £3052'. Beneath this are seven lines of text on the subject, including: 'The lamps are lighted at sunset. One half of them is put out at 12 O.C. & the other half burns till one hour before sunrise.' The population of the city is given at the foot of the first column. On the recto of the second leaf is the following third-person note by Combe: 'With Mr. Combe's compts. to Mr. West. | Bath 11 April 1835.'